Biblical Financial Management Series

Biblical Financial Management Video Series

Join us for this eight-part video Bible Study series designed to empower Christian believers to honor God with their finances.

Over eight sessions, you will gain more than just “big picture” principles of financial management. You will receive useful tools and learn a practical approach to managing God’s resources every day.

The video series includes a helpful study guide to help you or your small group get the most of the course. This discipleship tool is a free resource to all Illinois Baptists.

Session 1: God & Money

There are over 2,500 Biblical texts that deal with the subject of money and financial management. Clearly, God has a strong opinion about how we use money.  In session 1, you will learn how to view financial resources with a Biblical perspective.

Session 2: Budgeting & Margin Creation

In this session, you will learn to apply Biblical principles to create a lifestyle of wise financial management.  

Session 3: Debt Management

In this session you will learn how to avoid and eliminate toxic debt and how to manage responsible debt well.

Session 4: Saving & Investing

In this session, you will learn how to financially prepare for emergencies and other important life events through saving and investing. 

Session 5: Risk Management

 In session 5, we will learn how we can use some simple principles to help us decide if insurance is right and will honor God.

Session 6: Incapacity Planning

In this session, you will learn why it’s important to enlist “helpers” for times when you need them the most.  It is vitally important to choose a friend (agent or attorney in fact) that you trust to serve as your Power of Attorney.

Session 7: Stewardship Transfer

In this session, we will talk about who will manage God’s money after we are gone.

Session 8: Opportunities for Generosity

In this session, you will learn how practicing generosity helps you embrace the best of Christian life.

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