Bond Issue 2023K Agape Christian HS

Invest in Kingdom growth and receive a fixed rate of 4.75%

Agape Christian High School in Marion, IL was established in 2006 with a mission to "glorify God by aiding and supporting families in educating their  secondary school students from a biblical perspective and equipping them with the essential knowledge, skills, and values so that they are enabled to live with integrity and to influence their culture and society for Christ."   Agape Christian High School has been approved for a BFI loan and is seeking bond support to build their new school.  Invest in BFI Bond issue 2023G and receive a fixed rate of up to 4.75%.

Agape Christian High School Virtual Tour

Learn more about the Agape Christian High School building project by taking a virtual tour of the new building.

Roll funds from your retirement account to BFI Bonds.

BFI Bond investments can be held within a traditional or Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  Rolling funds from your existing retirement account to invest in BFI bonds with a fixed rate of return is a great way to invest in Kingdom growth while adding stability to your retirement portfolio. 

Email BFI or call (217) 391-3116 to learn how you can roll funds from your retirement account to invest in BFI bonds.

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