Baptist Foundation of Illinois
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Baptist Foundation of Illinois exists to help individuals, churches, associations, and institutions, meet their charitable and financial goals.  All that we do is designed to amplify the impact Christian individuals and organizations have on the world around them.

For organizations, services include custodial cash management across a wide variety of investment options, as well planned giving and estate planning for a church’s membership or an institution’s donors.  BFI has an admirable track record of excellent returns with minimal fees when compared to industry benchmarks.

For individuals, BFI is helping persons of faith all across Illinois give with greater impact, while minimizing taxation and, in many cases, increasing personal income.  Giving strategies include gift giving during one’s lifetime as well as total estate planning.  For donor/advisors of Baptist Foundation of Illinois Donor Advised Funds, access is provided to a catalog of high impact missions giving opportunities throughout Illinois.

BFI is a member organization of the Illinois Baptist State Association and is governed by a twenty-one member board of trustees charged with the organization’s governance and ensuring the integrity of BFI investments.  David Edwards, Esq. of the Edwards Group, LLC serves as the BFI Trust Counsel.

Why we’re here...

Baptist Foundation of Illinois

3085 Stevenson Drive

Springfield, IL  62703

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Rev. Ron Knox

Chair, BFI Board of Trustees

Doug Morrow, CFRE BFI Executive Director

BFI Bond Prospectus

(always and completely read the complete prospectus before investing)

2014A (Closed)

2014B (Closed)

2014C (Rescinded)

2014D (Closed)

2014E (Closed)

  1. BFI Bond Offerings:

  2. Currently all loan demand has been met, therefore no bond issues are being offered.  Please check back frequently for bond issues that may come available.

  3. Bonds may be purchased by Illinois Baptist Churches or individual members.  The complete prospectus and application are downloadable as a PDF file to the right.

  1. BFI Bonds are sold in $1,000 increments.

  2. BFI Bonds support Illinois Baptist Church construction loans.